Pearl, ID – Another Ghost Town

Gold mines high on a ridge above the valley maintained an industrial community in Pearl, ID from 1894 to 1910 when the ore started to run low. Pearl, ID is now a silent reminder of Gem County’s major gold rush. Pearl once boasted 3 mercantile stores, a butcher shop, 4 saloons, 2 hotels, one church, one school, a fire station and an Odd Fellows Lodge. Although Pearl has deteriorated slowly since 1910, the lure of gold has continued to spark interest here as recently as 1982. So, of course, we had to check out Pearl, ID. Let’s get into it.

Treacherous Roads into Pearl, ID

pearl, id moore elements

The roads into Pearl, ID are terrifying. We’ve driven some pretty wild roads since we started this blog. That doesn’t mean we’re absolutely prepared for every road. It’s a skinny dirt road for most of the drive with a plummet down the mountain if you make a mistake and slide off the edge. Luckily, we’re decent drivers. lol. Anyway, we chose Pearl, ID because it was on the way (sort of) to the Black Canyon Dam area. Somewhere we’ve been wanting to go hunt for geodes for a while. We figured, hey, why not, maybe we can find an open mine and go explore. What’s the worst that could happen? Let me tell you: It could collapse. But I didn’t care! I wanted to explore! haha.

The Mines of Pearl, ID

pearl, id moore elements

While Pearl isn’t the most well-preserved ghost town, like Silver City which we visited earlier this year, there are still at least three mines. These probably aren’t open to the public so don’t go gallivanting around looking for these mines. haha. There, now I’m not responsible if you decide to go. 😉

The First Mine

pearl, id moore elements

The first one we came across was gated. Now, a few years ago when I first came to Pearl, ID, this mine was actually open. Even though it was gated, you could sort of crouch your way into it. Since then, the entrance has collapsed so I was pretty bummed. In that mine, there’s some sort of spring or something. There’s always running water coming out of it and floods the area a bit. Kind of bummed, we decided it would be cool to break out the metal detector and maybe find some cool trinkets. Since a ton of people come out here for target practice with their guns, all we found was used shells. Boo!

pearl, id moore elements

The Second Mine

pearl, id moore elements

The second mine was open! However, a little unsafe looking. It was partially collapsed, but I could have made it in there if I wanted to. I regret not doing it anyway. But it’s probably best that I didn’t. Definitely worth going back, which I will as soon as this awful weather lets up. Too much snow to drive that freaky road to get there!

The Ghost Town

As I mentioned above, this used to be a pretty successful mining community. Now there isn’t a trace of the old town. Pearl, ID really is a ghost town. The only remnants are a few concrete slabs where buildings used to stand. It’s quiet, and kind eerie as the sun starts to dip down. But we had fun. It was a short trip but definitely one of the more fun adventures. Let us know down below if you’ve been to Pearl, ID. Don’t forget to connect with our Facebook page to stay up to date with everything we’re doing! Thanks for stopping by this week! Stay epic!

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