The National Air and Space Museum

Right in the heart of Washington D.C. is The National Air and Space Museum. Surrounded by other museums of the Smithsonian Institution and a stone’s throw from the Washington Monument, we stumbled upon this treasure while exploring D.C. We had to check this out while on our cross-country tour through America. We got lost, walked right passed the White House, and generally had a pretty normal time in D.C. Check it out with us!

Lost in Washington D.C.

Okay, if you haven’t been to Washington D.C., let me break it down for you. There are many, many, many roads and they all look the same. Couple that with bumper to bumper traffic and countless tourists and you’ve got a recipe for a hell of a time. Coming from a small town in basically rural Idaho, we ran into this issue way more times than I care to admit during our cross-country trip. I can say, without doubt, that this was the easiest place to get lost in that we visited.

Holy hell, we’re in the wrong spot.

So, I’m the captain of the ship when we roll into our nation’s capitol. Terri and Chris are passed out, dead to the world. I basically smacked Chris when I saw the Washington Monument from the freeway. I had to share this crazy moment with someone or I was going to explode. So, apparently, Terri had said before she went to sleep “find us a hotel before you get to D.C. and wake me up when you get there.” I guess I missed that. Maybe I was just excited to get into the city.

Anyway, after ending up in the middle of a strange city at sunrise, I decided I should probably park and wake up the rest of the team and figure out what we were doing first. I was ready to go right now. If you’ve ever been to D.C., please confirm my suspicion that it’s impossible to find any kind of parking anywhere in the city. Because I shit you not, I drove around for the worst part of an hour looking for a place to land our craft. I finally stopped outside of a building and woke ’em up. As I’m sat in the “drop off” area of the NSA or something like that. I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember a couple guys in suits coming out, eyeballing our Jeep and watching us as we sat there. It never occurred to me how suspicious we probably looked. haha

I wasn’t in the right city to be challenging authority.

We got a couple hotels on the horn. “A single room is $350 a night.”, “One room will run you about $400 a night.”, “Our only occupancy is $875.” Holy hell, we’re in the wrong spot. A couple calls (and a few dozen miles) later, we found a reasonable room that wouldn’t exhaust our funds while we were on the other side of the country. You get what you pay for, but we’ll save that for a whole other post. lmao. Terri decides that the few hundred miles she just slept for weren’t enough so we got checked in and she checked out. It was up to the boys to go run around D.C.

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