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We’ve been asked probably a hundred times now what gear we use on our adventures. Whether people are wanting to know about the specific camera, editing software, etc. So I thought it would be a great idea to just create a permanent place to inventory our gear. I’ll include some links to Amazon if you would like to pick up the same stuff as us. Down below you’ll find a list of the equipment we use. I’ll update it with every new addition to the arsenal!

Canon PowerShot

moore elements gear camera

For most of the still images you find on our blog, we use the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. It’s a really decent camera at a nice entry level price. It produces really great stills, and the zoom on it is incredible.

moore elements moon zoom adventure gear


The only complaint I have is that the video seems to be subpar. It takes great video don’t get me wrong, but it takes a lot of post production work to get the video to come out decent. That’s not too much of a drawback since we have a separate piece of equipment for video.

We bought this camera in a package that included a tripod, memory card, cleaning supplies, chargers, and an extra battery. A similar package can be found HERE.

Battery Life

The battery life on this guy has been pretty phenomenal. We go on long adventures and I don’t think we’ve had to swap batteries once.

Other Stills

moore elements gear photos

For any other images that aren’t captured on the Canon, we use our phones and you probably couldn’t even tell the difference. We have an iPhone 6s Plus, an iPhone 6, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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GoPro Hero4 Session

I can’t give enough praise for this little guy. It produces 1080 HD video with such a wide angle that it is basically a point and shoot video camera. Along with it’s timelapse features, this is used on every adventure. It’s how we create our oh-so-popular “promo” videos! The GoPro Hero4 Session has a great starting price. One issue is that it takes a couple tweaks in the settings to produce great video.

We generally use the low profile mount included in the package, attached to the 3 Way Monopod.

moore elements gear monopod

I always recommend this camera to those who ask what they should start out with when starting to capture adventure footage. It’s very simple to use, waterproof, and just all around a great investment.

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This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are our own and do not represent the companies or products mentioned.

The Mac Mini

moore elements gear computers

My workhorse. All video and photo editing as well as writing and web design is done on this bad boy. While a little bit on the expensive side, the Mac Mini is worth every penny to me.

Asus X540S

I can’t find a link for you y’all to pick up this one, however, this is a sweet little rig. It runs Windows 10 (I know, gross.), but performs incredibly well. This is our mobile adventure writing tool as well as where Terri writes up some adventures. It is her daily driver.


moore elements gear computers

I love our router. It’s the Netgear R6250 AC1600 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router. It’s quick, pumps out a steady signal and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you have multiple wireless devices in your home. It has a USB port that you can connect an external HDD to for “cloud storage”. So cool.

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This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are our own and do not represent the companies or products mentioned.


Final Cut Pro

I use Final Cut Pro to create most of the promos for adventures.


iMovie is the backup video editing software I use. It has fewer features from than FCP, but it gets the job done.


Used to create most of the music that appears in our video production – unless the video features royalty free music.

These are exclusive to Mac, but I’m sure there are great equivalents for Windows. I just don’t like Windows. 🙂

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