Visiting the Boise, ID Capitol Building

Visiting the Boise, ID Capitol Building

The Boise, ID Capitol Building

moore elements boise id capitol

Hey guys! sorry for the delay! If you follow our Facebook page you know we’ve been super busy and have had serious problems with our website which have resulted in use for being so very late posting this! However, this post is really exciting for me. This is the first post we’ve put up that we used the new Nikon D3300 on! So the images are crisp. Clean. and amazing. I’m so proud of how these images came out and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Anyway, to the adventure! Let’s do this!

A stones throw from the office (more like 30 miles but if you’ve got a hell of an arm you can throw a stone that far), is Boise, ID. Boise tops a lot of lists around the world. For things like, safest place to live, greatest outdoor recreation, blah blah. However, this post isn’t about the city. It’s about the Capitol building. I remember going on a field trip in 5th (I think) grade and it was really cool. I was telling Terri about it the other day and she told me she hadn’t ever been! We were gonna change that. Let’s check it out.

Before moving to Boise, the territorial legislature was in Lewiston. I have no idea why because that area of Idaho is awful. haha, sorry Idahoans! ūüėõ Anyway, in 1864 it was changed to Boise. The construction started in 1905, just 15 years after Idaho gained its statehood. The building cost $2 Million to complete and was finished in 1920.

The Building

There are about 219 pillars in the main building (this number may be different since the restoration process a few years back). The pillars are made up of marble dust, plaster and scagliola. The artificial marble pillars were made by a family in Italy. On the floor of the first floor is a compass rose with a sundial center that is made up of minerals that can be found in Idaho. There are many statues around the building that are built by very skilled artists from all over the world. It’s worth mentioning that the building is open to the public year round. For hours you can check their website.

The second floor hold the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s offices. Among many other offices, they were all locked. You can bet your last dollar that I tried every single door ahah.

The third floor has the senate and the House of Representatives. They meet here for hearings and committee meetings of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee. The fourth floor has balconies to watch these meetings take place.

Here are the remainder of the pictures from this adventure. It’s a short little trip but we had a blast!

I can’t thank you guys enough for your continued support. All of you are in our minds whenever we go out to places like this to show the world. We love to hear from you guys and love seeing that you guys are enjoying these destinations as much as we are. Thanks for stopping by this week! Let us know what you thought about the post down in the comments and let’s chat about future adventures! Stay epic!


Looking Back at 2016 – The Year of the Elements

Looking Back at 2016 – The Year of the Elements

The Year of the Elements

Holy crap, what a ride! January is something like our 10th month of blogging. In March we’ll reach that coveted anniversary date. You know that saying that’s something like “lots of small businesses fail within the first year”? Well, suck it, statistics! We’re here, and stronger than ever. I really wanted to take a second just to look back on 2016 and see what we’ve done. This post will mostly be pictures, but, this is gonna be fun! Let’s jump into it. Looking back at 2016 with Moore Elements!

Looking Back

The start of the website! Woah! This started off as my platform to reach clients for my business. It’s transformed (for the better) into what we’ve got today! Now we’ve just got a dedicated page for people to contact us about getting some business stuff done. I might add, that’s doing really, really well. ūüėÄ Here’s that page if you wanted to check it out.

Succor Creek and the Owyhees

Our first ever adventure! Holy cow. I’m genuinely misty eyed looking at all these pictures! haha. Look at these terrible quality pictures! oh man. Pictures with our phones. We’ve come a long way! You can check out that post here!

Jump Creek

I still love Jump Creek. More than I should, probably. We still need to do a part two for this post, since we had an issue where we lost all of our pictures from the day. (don’t ask). I seriously can’t believe I got away with these grainy¬†images. haha. Man, you’ve put up with a lot!

Idaho State Penitentiary

Easily one of my favorite attractions in the Boise area. The Idaho State Pen is a really cheap way to spend the day. It’s full of history and ghost stories, too. So it’s got that going for it.

Babby Farms

Okay, seriously. If you don’t go check out Babby Farms this summer over in Caldwell, you’re missing out. Really.

The Kuna Caves

Easily one of our most popular posts! Both of the Kuna Cave adventures were wild. The second one is personally my favorite, but hey, I might be a little biased. You can see part 1 here, and here’s part 2!

The Cross Country Tour

The most wild time I’ve ever had was when we trekked across the country over the course of two weeks. We saw some awesome stuff. Like Mount Rushmore, New Orleans, Washington DC, Roswell, it goes on and on. Probably the most fun we’ve had while doing this thing.

Christmas at Home

We wound up the year with some winter wonderland action in our hometown. We finally upgraded our camera, so from here on out the pictures are going to be awesome (except for the old posts I’m sitting on from our road trip ūüėČ )

The Sierra Letter

I can’t look back at 2016 without talking about The Sierra Letter. I can’t say enough good things about it. For those of you who don’t know, my brother, Tom, wrote a short story that’s featured in its entirety on the site. You can start reading the first chapter here. It’s damn good and one of the most popular things we’ve done on the blog. The amount of views on that bad boy is amazing. Couldn’t do it without you guys!

Wrapping Up

2016 was our rise. 2017 is when we’ll grab the world by storm. Thanks for coming along with us on this wild ride. We really couldn’t do any of this without you. So thank you for stopping by and checking out this post today. Let’s show 2017 what we’ve got. See you out there, and stay epic!

National Air and Space Museum in DC

National Air and Space Museum in DC

The National Air and Space Museum

Right in the heart of Washington D.C. is The National Air and Space Museum. Surrounded by other museums of the Smithsonian Institution and a stone’s throw from the Washington Monument, we stumbled upon this treasure while exploring D.C. We had to check this out while on our cross-country tour through America. We got lost, walked right passed the White House, and generally had a pretty normal time in D.C. Check it out with us!

Lost in Washington D.C.

Okay, if you haven’t been to Washington D.C., let me break it down for you. There are many, many,¬†many¬†roads and they all look the same. Couple that with bumper to bumper traffic and countless tourists and you’ve got a recipe for a hell of a time. Coming from a small town in basically rural Idaho, we ran into this issue way more times than I care to admit during our cross-country trip. I can say, without doubt, that this was the easiest place to get lost in that we visited.

Holy hell, we’re in the wrong spot.

So, I’m the captain of the ship when we roll into our nation’s capitol. Terri and Chris are passed out, dead to the world. I basically¬†smacked¬†Chris when I saw the Washington Monument from the freeway. I had to share this crazy moment with someone or I was going to explode. So, apparently, Terri had said before she went to sleep “find us a hotel before you get to D.C. and wake me up when you get there.” I guess I missed that. Maybe I was just excited to get into the city.

Anyway, after ending up in the middle of a strange city at sunrise, I decided I should probably park and wake up the rest of the team and figure out what we were doing first. I was ready to go right now. If you’ve ever been to D.C., please confirm my suspicion that it’s impossible to find¬†any¬†kind of parking¬†anywhere¬†in the city. Because I shit you not, I drove around for the worst part of an hour looking for a place to land our craft. I finally stopped outside of a building and woke ’em up. As I’m sat in the “drop off” area of the NSA or something like that. I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember a couple guys in suits coming out, eyeballing our Jeep and watching us as we sat there. It never occurred to me how suspicious we probably looked. haha

I wasn’t in the right city to be challenging authority.

We got a couple hotels on the horn. “A single room is $350 a night.”, “One room will run you about $400 a night.”, “Our only occupancy is $875.”¬†Holy hell, we’re in the wrong spot.¬†A couple calls (and a few dozen miles) later, we found a reasonable room that wouldn’t exhaust our funds while we were on the other side of the country. You get what you pay for, but we’ll save that for a whole other post. lmao. Terri decides that the few hundred miles she just slept for weren’t enough so we got checked in and she checked out. It was up to the boys to go run around D.C.

(continues on the next page)

Pearl – Another Idaho Ghost Town

Pearl – Another Idaho Ghost Town

Pearl, ID – Another Ghost Town

Gold mines high on a ridge above the valley maintained an industrial community in Pearl, ID from 1894 to 1910 when the ore started to run low. Pearl, ID is now a silent reminder of Gem County’s major gold rush. Pearl once boasted 3 mercantile stores, a butcher shop, 4 saloons, 2 hotels, one church, one school, a fire station and an Odd Fellows Lodge. Although Pearl has deteriorated slowly since 1910, the lure of gold has continued to spark interest here as recently as 1982. So, of course, we had to check out Pearl, ID. Let’s get into it.

Treacherous Roads into Pearl, ID

pearl, id moore elements

The roads into Pearl, ID are terrifying. We’ve driven some pretty wild roads since we started this blog. That doesn’t mean we’re absolutely prepared for every road. It’s a skinny dirt road for most of the drive with a plummet down the mountain if you make a mistake and slide off the edge. Luckily, we’re decent drivers. lol. Anyway, we chose Pearl, ID because it was on the way (sort of) to the Black Canyon Dam area. Somewhere we’ve been wanting to go hunt for geodes for a while. We figured, hey, why not, maybe we can find an open mine and go explore. What’s the worst that could happen? Let me tell you: It could collapse. But I didn’t care! I wanted to explore! haha.

The Mines of Pearl, ID

pearl, id moore elements

While Pearl isn’t the most well-preserved ghost town, like Silver City which we visited earlier this year, there are still at least three mines. These probably aren’t open to the public so don’t go gallivanting around looking for these mines. haha. There, now I’m not responsible if you decide to go. ūüėČ

The First Mine

pearl, id moore elements

The first one we came across was gated. Now, a few years ago when I first came to Pearl, ID, this mine was actually open. Even though it was gated, you could sort of crouch your way into it. Since then, the entrance has collapsed so I was pretty bummed. In that mine, there’s some sort of spring or something. There’s always running water coming out of it and floods the area a bit. Kind of bummed, we decided it would be cool to break out the metal detector and maybe find some cool trinkets. Since a ton of people come out here for target practice with their guns, all we found was used shells. Boo!

pearl, id moore elements

The Second Mine

pearl, id moore elements

The second mine was open! However, a little unsafe looking. It was partially collapsed, but I could have made it in there if I wanted to. I regret not doing it anyway. But it’s probably best that I didn’t. Definitely worth going back, which I will as soon as this awful weather lets up. Too much snow to drive that freaky road to get there!

The Ghost Town

As I mentioned above, this used to be a pretty successful mining community. Now there isn’t a trace of the old town. Pearl, ID really is a ghost town. The only remnants are a few concrete slabs where buildings used to stand. It’s quiet, and kind eerie as the sun starts to dip down. But we had fun. It was a short trip but definitely one of the more fun adventures. Let us know down below if you’ve been to Pearl, ID. Don’t forget to connect with our Facebook page to stay up to date with everything we’re doing! Thanks for stopping by this week! Stay epic!

What Have We Been Up To?

What Have We Been Up To?

What Have We Been Up To?

You’ll notice that there wasn’t an adventure post last week. If you follow our Facebook page then you know exactly why. For the last week or so we’ve gone through heartaches and triumphs. But that’s what makes up everyone’s life, right? No, I don’t want sympathy, I just feel like I owe you guys an explanation. So, let’s talk about what we’ve been up to. Including the sad bits and the triumphant bits.

Our Pup

moore elements atticus

I’ve had Atticus for about 5 years. I birthed him and helped his momma recover. So there was a pretty intense bond there. A boy and his dog, right? haha. Anyway, Atticus all of a sudden became really sick. He stopped eating and dropped like 15 pounds. He was nothing but a sack of bones. You could tell he was miserable, and he wasn’t getting better. So we took him to the vet. I thought for sure he was just sick and had a sore throat or something. I was convinced that we’d leave the vet with some antibiotics and we’d be on our way. But, man, I was so wrong.

We got to the vet¬†and had one of the vet techs bring a rolling cart out so we could get him in. He wasn’t strong enough to walk on his own, and even though he lost some weight he was still heavy as hell. So we’re in, waiting to be seen. They gave us the comfiest room, it was for long term waiting, but they were so busy that it was the only room. I wasn’t upset. The doc came in, took a look at our dog and immediately told us what was likely the problem. Dog cancer. Specifically, lymphoma.

moore elements atticus

There was a chance (albeit a very slim chance) that it was just a nasty infection. But he had no fever so it wasn’t very likely. I held on to that thought for as long as I could while they drained one of his lymph nodes to get it under a microscope and check it out closely. Once he got back in the room it didn’t take long for the vet to come back and tell us that they were positive that it was lymphoma. They presented us with choices. None of them were very fun. We could take him home and let him go on his own. It would be slow, and it would probably hurt, not to mention all of the pain he was already in. Another option was steroids. This would give us, at max, a couple more months with Atticus. We could also pursue chemotherapy, which would be incredibly expensive. Our last option was a humane euthanasia. To put him down.

Let me tell y’all, I’ve never had to make such a hard decision. I’m fairly young and haven’t experienced anything that I can compare that moment to. I just nodded my head as the options went through one ear and out the other. I looked down while sitting next to Atticus and he just stared at me with his big, tired, brown eyes. I can’t explain it, but that look he gave me was enough for me to make a choice. I could see how much pain he was in. I wanted to take it all away, and there was a merciful option on the table.

moore elements atticus

I made the decision to have him put down. I’ll spare you the details, but, wow. That was a really tough thing to do. I think I made the right choice. My little dude was hurting, and the only thing that I could do, unfortunately, wasn’t very easy. But we did what we had to. I’m just happy I got the time that I had with him. 5 years with any pet is a long time. Love your pets extra hard today. For Atticus.

Atticus' sister, Lexi. She's cute. :P

Atticus’ sister, Lexi. She’s cute. ūüėõ

Side Hustles

We’ve been busy! That’s an understatement. haha. It’s been wild. Terri finally made the decision to start selling the necklaces she makes online. So I’ve been building her a Facebook page and managing her sales. That includes pictures of inventory, putting together an operational store, signing her up for business stuff, it doesn’t end!

I finally got around to making a page on our website for small business owners to work with us! This includes creating a whole new Facebook page for business services. Already, my clientele has increased by quite a big percentage. So, you can see why I haven’t been around to get our blog up to date. Between running 4 or 5 different Facebook pages, and keeping up with new clients, I haven’t even had time to do what I want to do. That’s a good thing, though! No complaints here!

Anyway, you can see now why we’ve been a little absent. Our pup, our side hustles, and life has just gotten in the way! But, we’re hopefully back on track and we’ll keep up with you guys a little more easily! Let us know what you’ve been up to down in the comments, and follow our blog’s Facebook page to stay up to date with¬†everything!¬†Thanks for stopping by this week, stay epic.

Hard Rock Cafe – New Orleans

Hard Rock Cafe – New Orleans

As you know, a few months back, we spent a few days in New Orleans, Louisiana. We walked around Bourbon St. and all around the French Quarter. We were on the hunt for the best food in town. But then we stumbled across something. A restaurant that none of us had been to, but we’ve always wanted to try. Of course, we’re talking about The Hard Rock Cafe. Here was our experience. (worth noting that this isn’t a sponsored post, we just loved them so much that they needed a post. ūüôā )

The Hard Rock Cafe

moore elements hard rock cafe new orleans

While heading down to Bourbon St., a couple blocks away we stumbled upon The Hard Cafe of New Orleans. Y’all, let me tell you. There wasn’t even a debate on whether or not we wanted to stop in for some delicious goodness. We were in the door faster than you can imagine. As soon as we passed the threshold of those doors,¬†boom. You’re in a whole other world. There’s not one bare piece of wall. I couldn’t even tell you what color the walls are painted because they are literally covered with music memorabilia. There are past and present musicians being honored on their walls and it’s really awe inspiring.


We got the rockstar treatment (pun intended). We were sat at a nice booth¬†and had one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in a restaurant. The waitress was funny¬†and very, very quick. This might because we told her what we were there for, maybe she just wanted us to say something nice. Here you go, random waitress! You’ve made it! haha

The Food

Okay, I might go on a tangent here but just hold on to your seats. Because, y’all, this was the best food I’ve had in my entire life. No that’s not me being hyperbolic. That’s a legitimate fact. I ordered their sweet tea, thinking it’d be just the same as the tea here in Idaho. You know, kind of… “meh”? Let me tell you, this tea was so freakin’ good I swear that Jesus himself descended from the heavens and blessed my cup alone. lmao! The southerners¬†really¬†know how to do sweet tea. So much so, in fact, I went through probably six glasses before our food even came to the table. Damn it. If it was a possibility, I’d hop on a plane right now just for that tea! Man!

Alright, enough about the tea. lol. The food now. If you end up making it here, go hungry. I’m not talking about “Hey, honey, I’m kind of hungry. Should we pop into the Hard Rock for some brunch?”. No. I’m talking about “If I don’t find some food soon I’m probably going to die, and/or kill someone. Feed me NOW.” kind of hungry. Because the portions at this restaurant could probably feed a whole family lol. Since we’re a couple of fat kids that gotta eat, we were already starving and it was no challenge.

I ordered this hamburger that had – wait for it – mac n’ cheese on top of it. Like… Who thinks this up? Honestly, Gordon Ramsay could learn a thing or two from these guys. My god, it was amazing. Chris got the shrimp and sausage jambalaya. He said it was a bit spicey but really great. In the rice was shrimp, sausage, onions, celery and green peppers. Terri got some kind of bacon burger and she says it was the bomb.

The Gift Shop

Yeah, you heard that right. There’s a gift shop. You can take some Hard Rock with you. We didn’t buy anything this time, but there are quite a few things to choose from. Anyway, we can’t wait to go back. If you go, or if you’ve been comment down below how your experience was! Here are some pictures for you. See you next time!

moore elements hard rock cafe new orleans

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