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This is where we’ll share our adventures with you! Like you probably saw on our front page, we’re going to share all of the things that happen while traveling. We won’t lie to you say that every place we go was magical. We’ll be honest and tell you if it was awful all while bringing you some very entertaining content. Thanks for stopping by! Check out some of our adventures below!

Visiting the Boise, ID Capitol Building

The Boise, ID Capitol Building Hey guys! sorry for the delay! If you follow our Facebook page you know we've been super busy and have had serious problems with our website which have resulted in use for being so very late posting this! However, this post is really...

Looking Back at 2016 – The Year of the Elements

The Year of the Elements Holy crap, what a ride! January is something like our 10th month of blogging. In March we'll reach that coveted anniversary date. You know that saying that's something like "lots of small businesses fail within the first year"? Well, suck it,...

National Air and Space Museum in DC

The National Air and Space Museum Right in the heart of Washington D.C. is The National Air and Space Museum. Surrounded by other museums of the Smithsonian Institution and a stone's throw from the Washington Monument, we stumbled upon this treasure while exploring...

Pearl – Another Idaho Ghost Town

Pearl, ID - Another Ghost Town Gold mines high on a ridge above the valley maintained an industrial community in Pearl, ID from 1894 to 1910 when the ore started to run low. Pearl, ID is now a silent reminder of Gem County's major gold rush. Pearl once boasted 3...

What Have We Been Up To?

What Have We Been Up To? You'll notice that there wasn't an adventure post last week. If you follow our Facebook page then you know exactly why. For the last week or so we've gone through heartaches and triumphs. But that's what makes up everyone's life, right? No, I...

Hard Rock Cafe – New Orleans

As you know, a few months back, we spent a few days in New Orleans, Louisiana. We walked around Bourbon St. and all around the French Quarter. We were on the hunt for the best food in town. But then we stumbled across something. A restaurant that none of us had been...

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