Meet the Adventurers!

Meet the people who bring you the content you love!

James Moore

President, CEO, Author, Webmaster
James runs the day-to-day needs of the website. He enjoys technology, a good book, and working. He runs a company that offers services to other small business owners and influencers. A bit of a cynic and a little abrasive at times, but still loveable!

  • Author 50%
  • Webmaster 90%
  • Adventure 100%

Terri Ciarmoli

Vice President, Author
Terri is co-owner and VP of Moore Elements. She works in healthcare as her day job and loves it. You won’t find Terri lounging around at home. She’s a balls-to-the-wall go-getter and is always on the lookout for the next big adventure. She’s the goofy entertainment on adventures and keeps everything very light-hearted.

  • Driver 75%
  • Author 50%
  • Kick Ass 100%


Photographer, Intelligence, Editor
About 98% of the pictures that you see on our glorious website are taken by Chris. He’s also our chief editor and researcher. Before adventures, Chris will find all of the information we need to make it successful. He also edits or proofreads a lot of the posts before they’re live.

  • Photography 98%
  • Intelligence 80%
  • Camera Shy 100%

Tom Moore

PR, Author, Survivalist
Tom served our country for four years in the USMC. He’s the main contributor to the short story section of the website. His creativity is incredible. He also handles most PR inquiries and contributes to survival content. He’s sarcastic in the best ways and when he has the chance to join our adventures they’re that much more fun.

  • PR 85%
  • Author 95%
  • Survivalist 100%


Each adventure is meant to be replicated with less than 24-hour notice. We spend at least a couple hours on each adventure.

Adventure Ideas

We try to find out what is most popular every week and bring you adventures that have something to do with current trends. Whether it’s summer or winter attractions you can be sure we’ll have you covered.

Our Schedule

You can generally find adventures posted every single Monday! Short stories are usually posted each Friday (when there is an active one)


We love to hear from our audience! Feel free to leave thoughts and comments on any of our posts. If you have suggestions for adventures head over to our contact page!

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